Homeboy (2011)

“Homeboy” examines the lives of several gay Latino men living in and around the Los Angeles area who are either former gang members or who are currently active in gangs. These men range in age from their early-20’s to their mid-40’s, most of whom entered gangs while in their early teenage years. This is a story of their individual journeys. Through a series of interviews, “Homeboy” aims to provide a voice for a unique intersection of cultures until now previously unheard: contemporary Latino culture, gay culture and the world of gangs. These personal accounts weave together, illuminating both parallels and differences amongst the subjects’ experiences. We explore the transformation that these men have undergone, from membership within a gang – a world that is hyper-masculine and outwardly heterosexual – to the acceptance of being gay and how their lives have evolved. The film addresses internal and external stereotypes associated with the Latino, gay and gang cultures.

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Genre: Documentary




Duration: 57

Quality: HD