Season 1
Episode 1 - The Culinary Prodigy, Ajiyoshi Youichi Episode 2 - A Spaghetti Match Episode 3 - A Duel with Chef Marui Episode 4 - The Curry Genius, Sakai Kazuma Episode 5 - The Vital Pineapple Curry Episode 6 - The Legendary Taste, the Ramen Match Episode 7 - Heated battle, the Ramen Festival Episode 8 - The Secret of the Tender Steak Episode 9 - Conclusion of the Steak Contest Episode 10 - The Sardine Gratin is the Taste of Mother's Cooking Episode 11 - Challenge from General Aji Episode 12 - The Ultimate Kebab Hamburger Episode 13 - Best of Japan Okonomiyaki Match Episode 14 - The Okonomiyaki Match, the Judge are Enemies Episode 15 - Ajikko's Tough Battle, the Station Bento Match Episode 16 - Makinouchi's Magical Warm Bento Episode 17 - The Tempura Match with Upsized Cakiage Episode 18 - A Good Fight? Match of the Handmade Chocolates Episode 19 - The Omelette Match and the Machine that breaks the dish Episode 20 - Japan's Taste, the Tea Match Episode 21 - The Culinary Grand Prix Final, the Frying Match Episode 22 - The Culinary Grand Prix Final, the Curry War Episode 23 - Clash! The Gorgeous Seafood Curry Episode 24 - A Duel with Kazuma, the Pizza Pie Match Episode 25 - Youichi and Kazuma's Burning Passion! The Pizza Pie Duel! Episode 26 - Meet the Donburi Brothers! Match in Osaka Episode 27 - The Three-legged Contest! Youichi and Kazuma's Curry Donburi Episode 28 - Heated Battle! The Curry Don lineup in Osaka Episode 29 - Strong Rival! Mister Pan appears Episode 30 - A Battle of Taste! Ajikko vs Mister Pan Episode 31 - The Rotating Sushi Match! Defend the Taste of the Shop Episode 32 - The Rotating Sushi Match! Defeat General Aji Episode 33 - The Bento Wars! Nichinode Canteen is in Danger Episode 34 - The Bento Wars! The Downtown Taste is Father's Taste Episode 35 - An Overseas Challenge! The Wine Shonen Cooking Gang Episode 36 - The Highest Children Lunch Episode 37 - The Cooling Chinese Match! Yoichi in Nagoya Episode 38 - The Cooling Chinese Match! The Large Capital Reversal Episode 39 - One Kitchen Knife! Match of the Steamed Teacups Episode 40 - The Don Match! Search for the Golden Eel Episode 41 - The Combined Takoyaki Fight, Battle against General Aji Episode 42 - No need to ask! A Dumpling Match Episode 43 - The Seashore Match. Challenge from a Seafood Cook Episode 44 - The Seashore Match. Youichi Style, Secret of the Roasted Fish Episode 45 - The Farm Products Match. A Powerful Adversary, the Culinary Survival Match with Pan Episode 46 - The Farm Products Match! The Victory of the Specially-made Kitchen Culinary Set Episode 47 - The Destined Duel! Youichim and Kazuma's Mackeral Match Episode 48 - A Challenge to Aji Senhito! This is the Last Resort to Victory Episode 49 - A Search for Tastes! Marui vs Mister Ajikko Episode 50 - Farewell Marui! The Challenge to the Neverending Culinary Road Episode 51 - A Mysterious Chinese Soup Challenge! A Visitor from Hong Kong Episode 52 - A Mysterious Chinese Soup Challenge! The Secret of the Chinese Herb Episode 53 - The Steaming Dumpling Challenge! Ajikko goes to Hong Kong Episode 54 - The Steaming Dumpling Challenge! Ajikko vs Hu Foong Episode 55 - The Ramen Match! The Surprising 4000 years of Chinese History Episode 56 - The Final Ramen Match! White Soup vs Black Soup Episode 57 - The Cinnamon Beancurd Match! Appearance of the General Aji's Seven Knives Episode 58 - The Cinnamon Beancurd Match! The Road to Ryorin Temple's 36 Rooms Episode 59 - Farewell, Hong Kong. Defend the Aji-ou Building Episode 60 - The Dumpling Match Reversal! The Ambition of General Aji Episode 61 - New Year Soba Delivery Match! Defend the Shopping Streets Episode 62 - New Year Soba Delivery Match! Mystery of the Speedy Hooded Youngster Episode 63 - Kanezawa Sushi Contest. Janice Daigo's Challenge Episode 64 - Kanezawa Sushi Contest! Big Victory with the Sushi Device Episode 65 - The Snow Festival Frankfurt Match! The Devil from the South appears Episode 66 - The Snow Festival Frankfurt Match! Match with Sekiba Episode 67 - The Alex Express Gourmet Event! Another Challenge from Roborock Episode 68 - The Alex Express Gourmet Event! Aim for the Dessert Goal Episode 69 - The Islandwide Pan Contest! Seven Knives Mr Oishi appears Episode 70 - The Islandwide Pan Competition! Challenge from the Setouchi Youth Culinary Group Episode 71 - The Relentless Hamburger Match! Abe and Oikawa Episode 72 - The Decisive Hamburger Match! The Strongest Seven Knives, Abe Ichiro Appears Episode 73 - The Tough Hamburger Match! A Letter from Long-legged Uncle Episode 74 - Japan's First Sukiyaki Match! Search for the Ideal Taste Episode 75 - The Sukiyaki Battle! The Strongest Seven Knives vs Mister Ajikko Episode 76 - The Takanoyama Beancurd Match! Aji-ou Visits Episode 77 - The Mysterious Aji-oh Grand Prix, the Beancurd Dish Challenge Episode 78 - Match in Takanoyama! Beancurd Steak vs Rubber Steak Episode 79 - The Rice Dumpling and Rick Cake Match! Challenge from Ninen Hanagumi Culinary Group Episode 80 - The Rice Dumpling and Rick Cake Match! A Comparison to the 5 May Taste Episode 81 - The Curry Match that call upon a Storm! Kamon and Moori's Counterattck Episode 82 - Youichi and Kazuma's Crisis! The Great Germany Curry Reversal Episode 83 - The Cold Soba Challenge! Saburo appears Episode 84 - The School Delivery Competition! Victory with the Specially-made Uson Episode 85 - The Original Croquette Battle! A Love Story Episode 86 - The Original Croquette Battle! A Taste Match on the Luxurious Cruise Episode 87 - The Yakitori Match! A Challenge to the Old Taste Episode 88 - The Yakitori Drum Match! Victory through Tare's Art Episode 89 - An Afternoon at Nichinode Canteen, Search for the Missing Shop Episode 90 - The Ice-cream Duel! Mitsuko and Koorogi's Challenge Episode 91 - The Ice-cream Duel! The Midsummer Night's Match Episode 92 - The Riceball Match! Appearance of Japan's Most Irresponsible Cook Episode 93 - The Riceball Battle! The Irresponsible Dish vs Mother's Taste Episode 94 - The Decisive Match of the Third Dish! Abe Ichiro Challenges again Episode 95 - Ajikko's Last Battle! Match of the Biggest Sandwich of all times Episode 96 - The Sounding Time of a Cook, Retrieve the Memory of Aji-ou Episode 97 - Kazuma's Secret is revealed! Pilgrimage to the Taste of Sadness Episode 98 - The Path to a Distant Taste. Search for your very own Taste Episode 99 - Thank you for the delicious meal! Mister Ajikko

Mister Ajikko

Mister Ajikko is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Daisuke Terasawa about a young boy cook. It was later adapted into anime series, produced by TV Tokyo and Sunrise. This show was broadcast from October 8, 1987 to September 28, 1989 with a total of 99 episodes. One of the earliest cooking/battle related manga and anime of its kind, there are some indications that this series is the inspiration for the live action competitive cooking show, Iron Chef.

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Duration: 25 min